Our Mission

Ski2Roll-ultimate device for transporting your ski equipment.

With Ski2Roll you will never lug your ski equipment again, no damaged ski jackets and no back pain.

Ski2Roll is an innovative and patented. Made of high-quality materials, small, lightweight and easy to use.


Ambitious partner / cooperator with good contacts in the outdoor / ski area wanted. That sounds interesting to you and you can imagine taking on the acquisition of investor funds for the production and distribution of the first edition? Or you have contacts to potential licensees?

Then contact us, we are open to many ideas.

Specs / Components

Three steps to roll

Ready in just 7 seconds. In no time Ski2Roll is attached to your ski equipment
and ready to go.


Easy to use

Flexible and small it easily fits into your pocket or bag.

Ready in just 7 seconds

In no time Ski2Roll is attached to your ski equipment and ready to go.

Great for Kids

With Ski2Roll the heavy ski equipment will be easily to handle for kids.


Our Gallery

Testing and review

For testing purpose, we printed out the first Ski2Roll prototypes on a 3D printer and gave them to friends for a two-weeks trial. When they came back, each one of them was impressed and none of them wanted to return their useful new gadgets.

Ski2Roll makes carrying my gear after ski class so much easier. Nobody has to pick me up anymore. That`s great.
Zora Bauer, learn to ski


Very small and lightweight, fits easily into your pocket


Biobased material body and high- quality rolls


Soon available in 3 different signal colors

Pricing Options

Many colors and different packages and price options available.



inclusive taxes and shipment
- coming soon -



inclusive taxes and shipment
- coming soon -



inclusive taxes and shipment
- coming soon -

Market potential

Germany: About 16 million target customers

Germany, Austria, Switzerland: About 20 million target customers

Europe: About 50 million target customers

Worldwide: About 70 million target customers


Meet the Team

CEO, Founder

Uwe Skrabs

Uwe is specialist for concept and marketing in his own company in cologne. He is working for many well known clients in the industrial field.


Your Name

This could become your place as our new marketing hero and business partner.

CCO, Founder

Steffen Krems

Steffen is working as freelance artist and supervisor in 3D/2D animation and design for a lot of tv commercials and film effects since over 20 years.


Zülpicher Platz 7, 50674 Köln
Fon +49 221 6777 08-18, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.